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REVERBNATION REVIEW- "Fred knows his blues and jazz genre with the intensity that should come across and make this genre shine. His guitarwork and vocals get into your soul and really move you."

IMRADIO REVIEWS- "Fantastic! you made up to be among IMRadio's featured artists. Keep it up!! Love and Blessings!!" "Enjoyed your Guitar work...Keepin it Real Bro'....Peace" "Sounds good! Greetings from NYC!!" "Great work! I like it very much!" "Congrats on your success....Best to you..."- "Just a couple of words, Fantastic great sound loved it From London uk God bless" "Hey Fred, Like your collection of songs...write on! ;-] " "Hey Fred, your track "In The Morning" is outstanding! Have a refreshing weekend!" "Nice to meet you. Listening to "Hey There Baby." Great Rockin' Track. Love your style and sound." "We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation!"

SONG REVIEWS- IMRadio   "Someone Like You"- Cool Smooth Guitar Vibe, way to go my friend...Peace... "A New Direction"- great guitar work and vocals

"Get Over It"- Get Over It is excellent!!! Great guitar work.

SONG REVIEWS- Broadjam   "The Way Back"- nice laid back style bluesy instrumental. good guitar playing. - Nice blues changes and guitar........good lead........kind of retro in tone with a modern twist......enjoyed it.......short track liked the extra music comin in towards the end.The guitar work in this has such a great tone to it. It's well worked without being too much for the laid back feel of the song. Nice transitions in the middle. Adding new instruments in as the song develops is a pleasant twist. -  I like the lead guitar and how it sounds - the rhythm guitar is very nice as well. Great arrangement.  -  Nice blues changes and guitar........good lead........kind of retro in tone with a modern twist......enjoyed it.......  -   WOW!--just blew me away!--what a great track of music---just perfect---thanxs--  -  The guitar work in this has such a great tone to it. It's well worked without being too much for the laid back feel of the song. Nice transitions in the middle. Adding new instruments in as the song develops is a pleasant twist.  - 

"Shake It Up"- Has a great Lenny Kravitz sound. I like the breakdown section. It breaks up the repetitiveness of the progression. Nice solo as well. Probably a great live performance song at a dance club.- Reminds me of Stevie Ray Vaughn, a good, solid blues-rock track. All the players are working hard, it would be fun to hear this live in a bar. No single element of the track really stands out but that can be a good thing.  - sounds early 70. I like how the voice is back in the mix a little. nice backgrounds. sounds like L-2 compressor, nice job!  -  Cool blues riffs and very well arranged in a traditional style   -   GOOD SONG, ROCKS ALONG,WITH A NICE BLUESY FEEL. LIKE THE FINAL RIFF OF 12 BAR, NICE LEAD GUITAR SOLO.  -  Nice groove right away. Nice vocals, I love the effect on the vocal track (slap delay). The answers panned hard to the right is a nice effect. Good lines throughout and the groove reminds me of Sly and the Family Stone! Very loose arrangement and recording gives the song a vintage feel, I like that aspect!  -  Vocals sound like Tom Petty!! Good groove and nice tight, clean recording  -  Quite a loose feel to this one, which is no bad thing. I just think it needs a tad more drive. Perhaps a more energetic drum beat with added percussion. But not at all bad.  - 

"Weathering the Storm"- This was nice. It had a laid back kind of jazzy feel. I liked the dual offsetting guitars, they added a nice touch. I thought the overall musicianship was quite good. I thought you used dynamics well. You created enough tension and release to make this interesting. I especially liked how you dropped out the rhythm guitar towards the end--it kind of brought things down a bit. I thought that worked well..... Nice atmosphere created. I feel the party vibe. Semi-surfer semi-hippy and jazzy. Really nice guitar playing, easy to listen to. I like the fact that you added some percussion. It's a very cool song, I like the feeling it leaves me with.  -  good production. the song has good beat. like the soloing sometimes reminded me of Carlos Santana.  - 

"Get Over It"- Claptonesque! -   Really like the 2 guitar harmony line, very Allman like - 
Nice sounds on the guitars, nice riff/hook, the ghost Eric Clapton....or British Invasion Blues. It takes me back to my teen years, oh, no....I'm showing my age now!! Haa!! Anyway, good sounds, excellent job!! Want to hear more!!  -  Solid blues jam with shades of Freddy Kind and Born Under A Bad sign, very authentic guitar style. -   quite funky bluesy instrumental with a good groove that would be interesting to hear with some vocals  -  nice guitar work, would find a spot on tv somewhere as background music for a scene.  - 

"Born Under A Bad Sign"What can be said about one of the great blues tunes of all time. Great tune, well performed. Nice guitar playing, solid backing, rock on..... 
great cover of the classic blues song. good dark and deep blues style. great lead guitar solos and style. very gary moore.   love the song and love this cover..... Really great performances. Nice musicianship. The groove is really nice and the vocals are excellent. Nice guitar tone and over all feel. Excellent blues guitar solo. A really nice cover. Found myself grooving to this! Nice work. Enjoyed listening to it. -  Wicked guitar playing!! I know this song well. I played this at a show last week. Great execution overall. -   Good cover of Born under a bad sign, ala Cream meets SRV. Great guitar tone, and chops. Sticks to the feel of this tune, and does not offer an original slant or send up. could have been used as background music on a tv show like Sons of Anarchy.

"Misty Morning"- I thought this was excellent and very enjoyable .nice organ solo gave it a new dimension. quality guitar playing and the understated backing really works. faultless track...  Loved this track, this is my kind of music, could see myself singing along, giving me inspiration to write some lyrics to it. Great groove. Loved the fade out melody too!  -  This was nice. The song had a nice smooth kind of feel. I really liked the guitar work, it kind of reminded me a little of George Benson--if you remember him. I liked how you started out with a main theme and then later deviated from it. I thought it kept some uniformity but added enough variety to keep things interesting.  -  Very good sounding lead guitar, I also like the drums and bass guitar - sounds a little like Cray.

"What Comes Around"- Nicely crafted the dual instrumentation......very pleasant listening.....good hook.... -  I'm not sure why you'd call this Europop. It's actually a very classic Southern Rock sound reminiscent of the Allman Brothers. Really nice laid back groove and some very sweet guitar harmony leads with great tone. The bridge is a nice lift.  - Very nice track, really original sounds. Great guitar and bass work! Arrangements done very well too. -  A very Catchy DItty that gets ya right from the first few notes - 

"I've Been Lookin"- Really really nice indie rock song. Love the mix between male and female vocals throughout the song. Has a nice feel good vibe. -  Nice vibe! Reminds me of rock in the 90's. I like the change-up of vocalists from verses to chorus, as it adds another dimension to your story. Good blend of instruments and vocals. The musical bridge added a good transition. The theme is universal.  -  Strong arrangement and performances in a 90's style tock tune. Nice arrangement and a very tuneful song.

"Moondusk"- Man, the hook in this song is so well done. I was digging this all the way through. Masterfully crafted timing on the placement of the surprise elements. Gives the song a definite personality and keeps the listener wondering what corner he'll turn next.  -  Musicianship was very good in this song. I enjoyed the saxophone playing a lot. The bridge section at 0:32 was interesting and kept my attention. I actually went back and listened to that section a second time.  -  Very fun jam to listen to. I bet it was fun recording. Nice recording. It's nice to be able to hear every instrument.

"Don't Worry Baby"- This tune has an awesome feel to it! Very new age pat benetar. Nice vocals! Very Nice Voice cool tune nice harmonys. Nice guitar work and nice sound all around. I really like it.  -  great grabbed my attention immediately and pulled me into the song...the effects on the vocal reminded me of early pop rock from the 60's and that was a cool vibe...the arrangement is very commercial...great instrumentation and might want to do a quicker fade ending for a production library edit for film and television...that's the only suggestion I have...I'm a baby boomer and I really think other baby boomers will like this...

 "Drive-thru Vegas"- This seemed very upbeat and had me dancing in my seat! I really enjoyed the different instruments, it was very unique and not what I had expected!  -  The guitar solo is excellent, sound very Nile Rogers of Chic, very nice melodically.  - This feels like a Steely Dan groove. Nice guitar playing and overall groove. There's a mature musicality at work here!!  - 

 "Walkin the Walk"- Nice Listen. I enjoyed this song very much. Great work with the guitar playing, the arrangement and overall sound. The mix is nice and full sounding. The guitar style is almost sounds like you are trying to speak with the guitar. Great job! It is original in a category that is overly copied on a daily basis. That says something. .....  Solid Chicago groove with nice organ soloing and a cool middle breakdown between the guitars. If Susan Tedeschi is in town ask her to come sing on top of this groove. Nice interplay between the guitars (three at times). I like the minor 10th riff that you're doing in the right guitar part. The bass tone and playing are solid as are the drums too.

"Hung Up On You"- This strikes me as having elements of the glory days of Phil Spector with a touch of Bonnie Bramlett. We need more songs like this bumping the crap that's on the radio off into oblivion. Thanks for the fun recording. Every element of it, from vocals to instruments to arrangement--just wonderful! ......    A good song , sung with feelings, very nice lyrics , good performance. Love the mood of the song. It was present ever since the guitar started singing.......   an interesting song that has the 60's motown feel to the melody but then has a bit of glam rock in there sound wise but in a pop way, with flourishes of r &b and soul underbelly, nice fell good track, well performed and liked the harmony parts

"The High Road"- I really enjoyed the easy flow of this. Has a laid back feel about it that keeps the listener engaged and interested. Good breakdowns and lyrical flow to the instrumental. - 

"It'll Be"- Good dynamics build up from intro to chorus. Nice harminies add to that dynamic build up. Good vocals . Song has a "Romantics" feel to it . An enjoyable song with a catchy melody.  -  Rootsy but tuneful song with playful melodic guitar backing lines. Good use of variation in rhythm between verses and chorus. Solid vocals.

"Rock With You Baby"- simply fantastic man!!  -  I love the rockin' beat this song has. I like the stops in the music. The vocals are great and the harmonies also. The guitar work really nails it. The guitar tone is right on! The mix is well done. I really like this song. Nice job! Keep it up!!!

 "The Chill Grill"- Great guitar playing and the sax was brilliant well put together keep up the good work.  -  This is blues! You've done a great job. When I hear an instrumental, without lyric and; that makes me want to hear more, I know it's great. I grew up listening to the blues. Your selection is moving and calming at the same time. There is nothing else to say about this arrangement. It is a 5 star performance  -   

"If You Dare"- Like the guitar sound. Has a great late 60's acid rock vibe. Band are very tight and the recording is very professional. -  Very good sounding piece of music, I love the lead guitar and the sound of the drums and cymbals - sounds a lot like the Byrds.  -

"Smooth & Easy"- Nice production, this could totally be in a commercial. PLEASANT TO LISTEN TO. -  I really like the harmonic progression of the tune. The dominant II-V is a nice harmonic change that you don't hear often outside of straight gospel music. There's an Allman Brothers vibe in the melody part that I like.  - 

"Prove You Wrong"- Great personality in the voice and a powerful song great arrangements I like the vocal arrangement  -   This is a very good song. Great hook and tune.

"On The Other Side"- Very good musical arrangement. Unique! "Come On Over"- REAL GREAT LISTENING MUSIC,AND, DANCING!!!  -  Hi! This is a very nice one! The sound and the instrumental arrangements are very well done. Good playing too. Everything sound amazing! Congratulations and good luck!  -  It's real pretty sounding.

"Sunrise"- Nice blues backdrop.......good guitar....good energy...... -  Shades of Larry Carlton , some very tasty playing with a solid bridge section.

"Wide Awake"- Nice work overall..the piano work/solo was tasty "Change"- I love the overall sound, the vocal, the way it's recorded. Sound real commercial to me. - YESSSSSSS! I'm relaxing diggin' the smooth vibes. Record sounds great. Keep em comin' my friend.  -  I really like and enjoyed the 'concept' of this song. wow it has great potential.The Sax , keyboard , percussion were outstanding. there was a flow, going in and out and back and forth within those particular instruments. at the beginning I was really set for some relaxing..smooth jazz. the overall recording was nice and clear. I am not really able to say who you sound like. which is have "your own sound and style".  - 

"A New Direction"- Great music! Really liked it. It has a potential...  good uptempo blues track. nice constant groove and feel of the track. good guitar solo's especially at the end.  -  Solid blues tune in the style of Stevie Ray, very nice guitar playing.  -  Nice intro, comes right at immediately! Nice guitar work. Very well done.


Broadjam, IMRadio, Reverbnation
All I can say is WOW! That doesn't even come close to describe Fred's CD! Fred has a very unique style and tone of guitar and is pleasant to listen to. My favorite song would have to be Misty Morning. It is such a bluesy song. I first found out about Fred's music when I heard his songs played on The Weather Channel in June 2005. I said to myself "I got to find out whoever is playing this!"
I got this CD when it had just came out, meaning I had to contact Fred directly to purchase the CD, he even signed his name on the cover of the CD for me!Fred is a really nice guy and this CD demonstrates his outstanding abilities to play guitar and lead a band.My favorite song from this CD is "New Direction", I love the way this guy plays the electric guitar!Many of the songs from this CD were aired on The Weather Channel, those songs include "New Direction", "Sunrise", "Into Thin Air", "Wide Awake" "Liberty Jam", "Misty Morning" and "In The Morning".I listen to this CD everyday and I have had no regrets about purchasing this CD!I definetely will be purchasing his next release!
"Chance of Rain", CD- "Great Guitar Blues / Jazz mix", This is a great CD! Guitar work is excellent and 9 out of 10 songs on the CD were aired on The Weather Channel.
- Amazon (Jan 4, 2013)