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 Audiosparx News!  "Shake It Up" was placed on the soundtrack for Indie Horror Film, "Peelers", directed by Seve' Schelenz, starring Wren Walker.     "Peelers" has quickly become 2016's horror festival darling, premiering in 65 festivals worldwide while carving up 54 nominations and 31 wins. What's being described as "Rodriguez meets Tarantino" and "... a pretty damn fun trip" (Dread Central) that "any horror fan is going to love from start to finish" (HEAVY Magazine) has Director / Producer Seve Schelenz hoping to give genre fans the indie horror cult hit of 2017 !!!

Some awards include,  "Best Horror Feature" @ the Atlanta Horror Film Festival, "Best Visual Effects" @ the Sanford International Film Festival, "Best Special Effects in a Feature Film" @ FANtastic Horror Film Festival in SanDiego, "Best Feature" and "Best FX Feature" @ Chicago Horror Film Festival, "Best Horror Feature" @ Arizona Underground Film Festival.   

                            Peelers, poster                      



 "EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY" currently airing on KTTS 94.7 (Springfield, Missouri) 

 New music tracks, featuring Jamie DeWolf, just added to the music page!  CHECK IT OUT!!



"Born Under a Bad Sign"- Well, let's see...ummmm...I am jealous of that lead guitar! I am hearing Clapton's classic slow hand. At the instrumental break some fine notes are reeled off in the cover of this classic tune. I have always loved this song...most recently heard a rendition by The ABB. Vocals are cool and right in the groove of this mix which works really well. Best of luck to you. Would love to jam with you one day.  - -----Scott Tingley

This gives me memories of watching 'The Cream' many moons ago. The instrumentation and tightness was fabulous. The structure of the piece was solid and allows the song to sit along with the great standards. Where ever you are it would be a pleasure to pay to see you, a little more variation in the arrangement would take over the line for originality for the genre. Just a thought. - Geoff Martin Preston

Wicked guitar playing!! I know this song well. I played this at a show last week. Great execution overall.- Fred Kimmel

What can be said about one of the great blues tunes of all time. Great tune, well performed. Nice guitar playing, solid backing, rock on - Ober Rivers 

Really great performances. Nice musicianship. The groove is really nice and the vocals are excellent. Nice guitar tone and over all feel. Excellent blues guitar solo. A really nice cover. Found myself grooving to this! Nice work. Enjoyed listening to it.- Tim Juliano 

HOLY SHIT!--I could almost see the smoke coming off them GEEETAR strings!--GREAT STUFF--LOVE IT!--cheers--joe.  - Nashville Joe 

What a great version of this classic. Really enjoyed it. - Ron D. Bowes 

 "Shake It Up"- Has a great Lenny Kravitz sound. I like the breakdown section. It breaks up the repetitiveness of the progression. Nice solo as well.  -  David Omlor 

Reminds me of Stevie Ray Vaughn, a good, solid blues-rock track. All the players are working hard, it would be fun to hear this live in a bar. No single element of the track really stands out but that can be a good thing.   - Joshua Rice 

Nice groove right away. Nice vocals, I love the effect on the vocal track (slap delay). The answers panned hard to the right is a nice effect. Good lines throughout and the groove reminds me of Sly and the Family Stone! Very loose arrangement and recording gives the song a vintage feel, I like that aspect! - Dave Haddad 

This Blues - Rock number is a nice addition to your party playlist on Friday nights. Like the vocalist sings to you ... "Rock and Roll all night long!". A skilled electric guitar sets the backdrop; making this cool with college campus students and also likeminded scenes in movies. - Floyd Kelly

" The Way Back"- Like the guitar work, and the overall arrangement. Well put together, nice relaxed feel, but also engrossing. Some nice little changes in there. Good work.  -   Denis Hackett

Nice blues changes and guitar........good lead........kind of retro in tone with a modern twist......enjoyed it....... - Laurence Watkins

nice laid back style bluesy instrumental. good guitar playing
short track liked the extra music comin in towards the end. - Tristyn Leach

The guitar work in this has such a great tone to it. It's well worked without being too much for the laid back feel of the song. Nice transitions in the middle. Adding new instruments in as the song develops is a pleasant twist. - Chris Boyden        

WOW!--just blew me away!--what a great track of music---just perfect---thanxs-- Nashville Joe       

 Nice blues changes and guitar...good lead..kind of retro in tone with a modern twist...enjoyed it.. - Laurence Watkins 

 "Get Over It" -  Claptonesque!  -  Greg Lambert

Solid blues jam with shades of Freddy Kind and Born Under A Bad sign, very authentic guitar style.  - Jeff Maguire

Really like the 2 guitar harmony line, very Allman like -  Suave 

Nice sounds on the guitars, nice riff/hook, the ghost Eric Clapton....or British Invasion Blues. It takes me back to my teen years, oh, no....I'm showing my age now!! Haa!! Anyway, good sounds, excellent job!! Want to hear more!! - Margie & Art Corey, S. & A. Corey 

Reminded me of how much fun it was to just jam with members of the band who were always competing with each other. The wa wa rythm guitar was especially interesting. You had the guitar talking. - EverAfter Music

Solid blues jam with shades of Freddy Kind and Born Under A Bad sign, very authentic guitar style.                 - Ober Rivers and His DUI's  

 "Walkin The Walk"- nice guitar work from leads to bass line. clear and well played. old school organ was a surprise, like it. some interesting chord changes for interest for sure! - Warren Hein

Nice Listen. I enjoyed this song very much. Great work with the guitar playing, the arrangement and overall sound. The mix is nice and full sounding. The guitar style is almost sounds like you are trying to speak with the guitar. Great job! It is original in a category that is overly copied on a daily basis. That says something. - Rin Vinson 

"Someone Like You"- I don't normally write this much. But I see a talent just waiting to explode. I hope you take my review as a positive and constructive event. I believe you have the creativity and ability and talent to take yourself many places.I really liked the all aspects. - Chrisp Gavin 

Great job. I love the chords on this piece. It really is a beautiful song. Great guitar lead and instrumentation. Your voice of instruments work very well here. - Brenda Craven  

"Prove You Wrong"- Hello there nice tune good country voice nice and clear, sounds very Nashvillish
songs about changing your life are always good for the soul  - Patrick E. Muth

Great country style vocals!!Kellie Pickler vibe:).... Great lyrics!.. Great hook! Very catchy!!!great market potential!!! - Julia Schmidt 

I really like your voice. This a very contemporary Americana tune. Strong emotion in the story. I like the sharp focus on the idea where you stick to the point and don't wander. This song has a lot of potential.                    - Chet Nichols 

good catchy mid tempo country pop rock track. liked the style and music. nice harmony too. good radio friendly country track with a slight rock edge. - Leach & Radice 

"Hung Up On You"- This has a nice soulful feel reminiscent of 60's and 70's R&B tunes, carried well by the guitar tones and performance. The vocal is sweet and the back-up vocals and harmonies add interest. The arrangement works well and the recording is well done.  -  David J. Hentosh

This strikes me as having elements of the glory days of Phil Spector with a touch of Bonnie Bramlett. We need more songs like this bumping the crap that's on the radio off into oblivion. Thanks for the fun recording. Every element of it, from vocals to instruments to arrangement--just wonderful!            -Sam Cooper            

an interesting song that has the 60's motown feel to the melody but then has a bit of glam rock in there sound wise but in a pop way, with flourishes of r &b and soul underbelly, nice feel good track, well performed and liked the harmony parts - Tristyn Leach 

 "Now and Then"- Excellent example of a country blues soundscape perfect for background music in a movie or television show. There was a juice harp effect that was cool...the song put me in the delta or on the bayou...this type of song is good for travelogues or commercials. The instrumentalists were all excellent. I enjoyed listening to this till the end... -  My Three Kids Music 

 "A New Direction"- good ole blues, jes cant beatem. sounds like gregg allmans little brother. good instrumentation and mixing. -  Patrick E. Muth 

Love the lead guitar right out of the shoot followed by a fine lead vocalist who delivers some searing lines about starting a new. Very fine instrumentation performed by each player. Great listening for a Saturday...just in the mood for some funky laid back blues like this. Song has a cool exit with the lead guitar taking it out.       - Scott Tingley 

 "Don't Waste Your Time"(featuring AmieLee)- Cool stuff for sure! That is one catchy tune, I'm still singing the chorus after the song was long gone. The vocals are right on pitch throughout, which is nice to hear these days. The middle section with the vocals intertwining with different lines is super cool and got my head spinning and the entire song still has me moving. - Billy Pilgrim 

good angsty pop rock. has that Avril Lavigne thing on. good vocal and guitar solo towards the end and catchy chorus would do well with the teen market this with right production  - Tristyn Leach 

Good energy here. Good singer, good production, great work. Very interesting voice. I'm willing to hear more from this artist - Osea Codega 

This is jammin' Texas Roadhouse with Pop vocals!! This is really good bubble gum music that kicks butt.         - Jeff Roberts                           MANY MORE REVIEWS on the PRESS Page.......


 BLAST FROM THE PAST- The Weather Channel: Local on the 8"s,  listen on "YOUTUBE" !  Over the years, 19 different songs were aired multiple times on "The Local On The 8's".   Check out the details on THE WEATHER CHANNEL page.   



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TOP 10 Americana Rock- #3- ROCK WITH YOU BABY





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Sound of the 70's - Rockmusic, Vol.1 

Rock'n Roll of the Fifties, Vol.1 

Rockparty Vocal 3 

Minds of a Day - Popmusic - Female Voices, Vol. 3 

Moments - Country Blues, Vol.1


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