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FRED GROSS BIO Fred has always had the music in his blood, literally !! A descendent of the 19th century composer, Franz Schubert (The Bee), his musical roots run much deeper than the average musician. Born in New Jersey, not far from Philadelphia, and traveling from one end of the country to the other for most of his adolescence, probably contributed as well, to Fred’s musical aspirations. He started playing drums and guitar at 16 years of age, and knew immediately it would be a lifelong obsession. Over the years, he developed his own style and finesse with a guitar, as well as the bass and drums. His versatility is quite evident, as his music shows, writing everything from blues and jazz, to country, rock and pop. Throughout his career, Fred has always strived for perfection in his writing, performing and recording of music. In the late 70’s, while living in California and hob-knobbing with rock stars when they played “free” concerts at Griffith Park, Fred got his first taste of running sound for a band…after that he was hooked. After moving back to the Philadelphia area, he played in numerous bands, some of which, like “Surkel”, were the hottest in the Philly area then. They recorded their first “45” record, something no other area bands were doing!! Another band, “Tremor”, likewise, very popular in the area, received radio airplay on Philadelphia’s #1 rock station, WYSP. Many times over the next 15 years, would he meet and/or be the opening act for some of the most popular bands at that time, including Rick Derringer, Molley Hatchet ,The Outlaws, Blackfoot and Autograph. All these experiences only strengthen Fred’s musical aspirations and insight into the music business. Fred began writing and recording music, and started his own recording studio, Sky Productions, where he recorded and produced many talented acts. He recorded his own first album, “Emotional Wreck”, which received many favorable responses from major record labels. In 1986, he recorded an EP that received interest from Metal Blade Records, a California based company, for possible signing. In 1991, he won an audition with his material for the Nashville, “Catch A Star” program. Over 30 bands later, Fred is still writing and recording. Over the last fifteen years he has played in four bands and recorded eight compilation CD’s. For nearly four decades, Fred has created and recorded music that has received national radio airplay, as well as national and international TV exposure. Audiences of over 90 million people, have listened to his blues instrumentals on a daily basis via. “The Weather Channel”. He continues to receive airplay on radio stations in both Pennsylvania and New York State, as well as national airplay on satellite radio stations Sirius and XMRadio.